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Study Program Aproval

When designing and proposing new study programmes, it is necesssary to:

  • consider whether they are in line with the mission, vision and strategic objectives of the University, needs of the community in which the programmes will be provided, and available resources for its provision,
  • develop a feasibility study on the provision of the study programme in accordance with the Higher Education Institutions Network strategic document and other study programmes in the Republic of Croatia,
  • assure the programme is in accordance with the Croatian Qualifications Framework Act
  • keep in mind the comparability of the said programmes with those which are provided in the immediate or broader community, taking into consideration recommendations from numerous interested parties,
  • include all individuals who will be providing and supporting the programme, as well as all of the others who have an interest in it, into its design.

According to the Article 20, paragraph 10 of the Qulity Assurance in Science and Higher Education Act, University study programmes are launched and provided on the basis of the decision by the University's Senate, on the basis of a previously conducted assessment of the unit for internal quality assurance and improvement system, which focuses on the conditions prescribed by the Regulations mentioned in the Article 26 of this Act.

In order to formalise the overall process in the University, Regulations on Study Programmes Accreditation in the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula have been produced, which define the procedure for the development of new study programmes and ammendments to the existing ones.

Integral parts of the Regulations are the feasibility study form and the proposed amendments to the study programme form. The feasibility study form has been developed on the basis of the Rector's Conference (2004) guidelines and all of the requirements defined in the Regulations on the content of the License and conditions for the issuance of the License to perform higher education activities, provision of study programmes, and re-accreditation of higher education institutions (Official Gazette, 45/09).

If public financing is sought, the Feasibility of the public financing of study programmes form must be submitted (available on ASHE's web page).

Study program referees should use this Referee form.



Chronology of study program aprovals