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Undergraduate Study Programme of Classical Accordion

About the Programme

The undergraduate study programme of Classical Accordion lasts four years (8 semesters; 240 ECTS credits). It can be enrolled by candidates who finished the secondary music school (the main subject – accordion) and candidates who finished some other four-year secondary school, also upon the entrance procedure and additional knowledge assessment.

The general outcomes of the bachelor of classical accordion can be seen in competences (knowledge/skills of transferring professional and artistic insights/results, and performing skills) that are expected in the field of music from any other reproductive artist and teacher. The specific outcomes are divided into those related to professional courses and those related to music theory courses. Additional teaching competences can be acquired when students choose the Education Package courses (examinations to be passed). The outcomes valid for optional courses supplement and follow the outcomes of compulsory courses.

The bachelor of classical accordion is competent to meet all the requirements he/she may face, as other bachelors of instrumental studies at artistic departments. Their acquired knowledge should enable them to successfully lead music courses and workshops or cultural-artistic societies, to work as music editors in printed and electronic media. Besides, the bachelor of classical accordion possesses the following abilities: to interpret solo, chamber and orchestra music; analyze forms and styles, and harmonic structures; orientate in the history of music; prepare general music literature and compose his/her own pieces for the accordion, chamber groups and accordion orchestras. Upon completion of the four-year undergraduate study programme, the student receives the academic title of bachelor of classical accordion - univ. bacc. mus.