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Mandat: od 9. studenog 2016. do 9. studenog 2017. godine

Student Pleader

Student pleader is a person appointed by the Student Assembly, whose rights and obligations are currently defined only by the Article 17 of the Act on Student Assembly and Other Student Organisations.

According to the said article, the pleader receives complaints from students and discusses the specific issues with his/her supervisors. He/she also counsels students on how to realise their rights. He/she acts as a mediator in the process of solving of potential problems or cases of violation of students' rights. He/she can participate in disciplinary procedures which involve students. In the process of solving those problems, the pleader communicates vertically according to the existing hierarchy in the University, i.e. from the professor to Rector.

For the moment these are simply general guidelines which can be used as a starting point for the activities of a student pleader. When all Universities in Croatia have appointed their respective, legally required student ombudsmans, the development of concrete Regulations will begin.