Juraj Dobrila University of Pula

Address: Zagrebačka 30, 52100 Pula, Croatia
Phone: +385 (52) 377 000
E-mail: ured(at)unipu.hr


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About Us

Wonderful City Full of Interesting Sights

National identities and their rich cultural varieties largely contribute to the development of Pula seen as a multicultural and multiethnic city, which is orientated to the European way of living. The hubbub of all the world languages and numerous cultural events - festivals, concerts, exhibitions, then theatre and cultural centres will enrich your life in the city whose doors have been always wide open to anyone. So, come to Pula and get to know the beauty and hospitality of this 3000-year-old city.

Pula is located in the south of the Istrian Peninsula, in a spacious bay surrounded by seven hills. Due to its rich cultural-and-historical heritage which is 3000 years old, wonderful coastline and nice residents, Pula is the ripest and the most beautiful grape in the bunch of Istrian places. The enchanting monuments such as the Amphitheatre, the Temple of Augustus, the Golden Gate, the Roman Theatre, the Twin Gate as well as the Brijuni National Park and the Rt Kamenjak Botanical Reserve ornamented with beautiful beaches can off er any student a chance to study in favourable conditions and to experience some magic moments to remember forever. You will be certainly motivated to come to this city in the south of Istria also by the well-indented 190-km-long coast, clear sea, beaches that are pretty much taken care of or the ones hidden by the untouched vegetation for those who love privacy. Today Pula is an economic, cultural, traffic, medical, educational, trade and partially administrative centre of the entire Istrian County.


Technologically Developed, Creative and Professional Environment

From the competitive point of view, quality is the most important expectation we may have from the system of higher education!

Implementing the Bologna process, adjusting our teaching and non-teaching methods to the European standards and bringing study programmes into a line with the economic needs are the basic foundations of strengthening the quality at the Juraj Dobrila University. We have introduced the following changes in the structure:

  • three study cycles enabling the establishment of national qualification framework in accordance with the European one,
  • introduction of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) grading scheme;
  • building the quality assurance system;
  • we have introduced the accreditation procedure and system according to which foreign diplomas are to be considered valid;
  • introducing doctoral studies.

Besides, the University pays so much attention to the technological and IT support which includes:

  • non-stop Internet access - study courses presented directly on the network;
  • lectures held with the aid of laptops, projectors and the so-called smart boards;
  • e-consultations;
  • teleconference hall enabling a direct contact with students all over the world;
  • electronic exam applications and cancellations.


International Perspective and Practical Experience

Learning how to do your future job by studying abroad is the optimal way of mobilising your own skills and abilities!

Selecting a particular number of study courses outside the department where they study will allow students to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, necessary for overcoming the future challenges! Knowledge is a strategic product and anyone who possesses it is given a chance to develop his/her potentials at the world market! New generations grow up and get matured knowing that the best support in life should be found in the results of their own work. Working and studying, our students gain experiences and competences that will be increasingly recognised at the labour market. The willingness to get to know other countries, cultures, customs or languages is what potential employers require as an important element in your CVs. Staying abroad for some time makes you more confident and open-minded in the sea of future professional challenges. It helps you get orientated better and faster.


Variety of Additional Facilities